Located in Les Gets and built 20 years ago, this chalet was designed in a contemporary style. The chalet was bought by new owners at the end of 2013.


We started the landscaping in two phases: decking during first year and building a staircase to connect the upper part of the chalet with the bottom of the garden.
The decking needed a strong concrete base and also strong treated wood. Before building the decking, we created a large base foundation into the earth. This allowed us to keep the inside and outside at the same level.


The green beams on this chalet were not very well maintained and the new owner wanted to restore the wood to look more traditional and therefore the best solution was sandblasting. It took two weeks to complete the work, which involved the following aspects:

  • Scaffolding
  • Protecting
  • Sanding
  • Cleaning

The sandblasting is a technical job which requires high quality tools and a great deal of experience to not mark the wood and produce a professional smooth effect. After sanding, the wood looks like new with a nice texture.

  • Chalet Exterior Project
  • Expertise Employed Carpentry, Construction, Landscaping, Sandblasting, Scaffolding.
  • Project Year